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In my family's, we's always been a little extra creative on my mother's side. My grandparents both painted and photographed and were interested in music. Maybe more than good but why even question it. An interest is precisely an interest in one's own well-being. When I was a child myself, my mother sat and sketched and it was always exciting to look at her drawing course from Rit-Ola if I remember correctly. My siblings have also always sketched and painted at times in their lives. My sister is an art teacher today and my brother paints awesome abstract paintings when desire and spirit fall on. I stuck to photography but have also drawn some but really rather than good and really more for the purpose in the pictures than the quality of the art.

But then it will be as it often is. What was once a seed of interest is replaced by other things, life comes in between and things are forgotten.

About two years ago I bought myself a cruel drawing tablet from Wacom. The purpose, however, has always been image editing. I think I can influence edits on pictures more artistically with the drawing board and not smack anything on the whole picture. It has also been easier to expose, etc. in stock masks m.m. But then just a few weeks ago something happened. My son, who of course both enjoys music and has a bit of an interest in art, started sketching and playing a bit with the record. Suddenly I became hungry myself. I have always followed a number of different artists on both Facebook and Instagram and am struck by the amount of art in different expressions but which is so cool. Some are photorealistic, some are erotic, some are a boot for politicians, gender roles, etc. but everyone gives me something significant to look at.

But what phase should I do then? I immediately started searching on Youtube and found awesome artists who shared their knowledge, tips and tricks. I started to train on some faces, proportions, brushes, paint mix etc. My first thought was to learn to paint nicely, realistically, but I do not think I have the patience for it or the will really, deep down. I think that just like in texts and photographs, I also want to provoke, make people think, react and both laugh or think something is inappropriate. That's what amuses me, different feelings and opinions about things that are natural, normal and current. I started to sketch a bit and gradually it came loose. My first picture was "You make me go bananas" which you saw at the top. Then an idea came up that made it even easier and it was to turn old album covers into something "provocative / fun" in some sense. It's nice to have the basics clear in what the picture should look like with the cover, but then to draw your variant there. The two I'm most happy with so far are "Grain - Issues" and "Nirvana - Nevermind". But there are more and there will probably be more, at least a few more, then I hope that my own ideas will be released more soon.

You can of course see my photos here on the website in my new gallery or you can follow my new Instagram: @

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