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Painting of image and imagination.

Let me write about authenticity and the power of conveying a feeling. My name is Richie and I talk everyday on the radio station Bandit Rock. In my spare time I play handball and play in the eminent, punk rock and roll band Ztringtroza.

In my job, painting a picture and conveying a feeling is probably my main and most important task. Imagine a gloomy muddy morning in dark November. You are sitting in the car, not too eager to get to a job you are not sure you are fully destined for. At least not this Tuesday morning.

To then be able to throw on the radio and hear two slightly nerdy guys give their views on life. Two guys who do not always think about someone actually listening to the fuzzy but still warm conversation we have about the longing for space, forest and trolls, among other things. We refuse to let go of that idea, that trolls would not really exist. The feeling of escape to the greyish primeval forest. Hook on know yes!

The same thing applies when we play music with the band, there are less trolls and more humor. The dynamics in the band is probably the feeling we are trying to convey. Admittedly with mixed results, no one will accuse us of being the most talented virtuosos. It matters less. What matters is the feeling we have when we create, perform and connect with each other.

I want to thank Mattias for giving me the honor of guest writing here on the blog. Actually, my performance anxiety tends to turn down similar things like this. But after peeking into Mattias' side, I understood that we play for the same team. The art form he performs and the photographs he has taken convey a feeling.

Think of the wedding pictures, where the feeling is extremely important. It means everything, especially for those who get married.

Every time I see someone take a picture at a wedding, I always hope for the photographer's sake that the lens cover is off and that the pictures are saved correctly. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to do such a task.

The lightly dressed images that balance on a thin thread, so beautiful but with the risk that people will not see the beautiful but only focus on the lightly dressed.

Animals and nature pictures, it also captures a feeling like the trolls in the primeval forest.

The concert photography as well, people in groups who are there to share a feeling. Capturing it in a nice way is beautiful.

In the time we are living in right now, I think it is perhaps more important than ever to capture things that are genuine. Authenticity and feeling must take time, it can not be stressed or done artificially.

Hope you felt something of this post. I've done it again, thank you!


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