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Guest blogger and grateful.

Isn't the internet amazing? A few days ago, Mattias contacted me on Instagram and asked if I could write about my photography, the journey through light and wild forests.

That thing with wild forests I have to explain. At the end of 2016, I started photographing women and nature. Twilight became my light source and nature the conductor. They call this moment l'heure bleue, but I promise, it's more of a blue 15 min. After twelve months, I had created images at each new and full moon. The pictures were taken in forests around Sweden and Scotland (I have lived here since 1998) and in 2018 there was an exhibition at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh. When The Blackbird Sings not only created pressure and attention, but also a kind of liberation for many because I treated topics like fertility, (literally) fruitless IVFs and despair. I will return with stories in both English and Swedish about When The Blackbird Sings. It will be so far if I pull the whole story so it can come in small parts, in connection with the moon travel on the sky perhaps?

You know how I started with the internet being great? Social media is perhaps the opposite, yes at least when it comes to the human body WITHOUT filters. The old, thick, wrinkled, hairy "normal" body that just lives. When the exhibition hung on the walls, it started. An article from the Daily Mail was deleted on Facebook, pictures of my mother disappeared from Instagram, stomachs with stretch marks were shadowbanned and I had my account blocked on Facebook. It became impossible to share pictures and share explanations for my work. I will also go deeper into this the next time we meet.

Here is a film that BBC Scotland produced when IG "community guidelines" really influenced not only my art, but also my company.

But ..... have I not introduced myself? You might think my name is Dolph Lundgren? It becomes easy when you have spent almost half your life "abroad" which is now actually my home.

My name is Jannica Honey. I have worked as a photographer for 15 years and work with clients in both the UK and Sweden. In addition to wandering around in the woods, I shoot in a little more lighted places sometimes, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and Masion House. I have been photographing events for several years and love it. I also create press and promo images for musicians.

As I said, the places vary, but the connection is always the same. A real connection to the one I work with. This connection is fundamental when I create.

If you are curious to see more, feel free to come and "hang out" on Instagram @whentheblackbirdsings_ @jannicahoney or do it the old way, the website that is actually updated and dusted.

See you and I really hope you take care of each other now. I have been following the light and the birds' song in recent weeks when our lockdown began in the UK.

To see the light is to be present and this so important in these times of not only anxiety, but also pain and uncertainty about the future.

Thank you for reading all this!

Jannica Honey


Photos from When The Blackbird Sings 2016 - 2017

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