Forest wreck

Here and there in our elongated country there are some forest wrecks, more or less well preserved. Some are inside old barns and others are outside. Where they stand is about as secret as where you pick chanterelles đŸ€­

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Many have visited the car cemetery at Kyrkö bog or Åke's car wreck as it is also called. The scrap is located in Tingsryd municipality and if you want to find it, just google and get the address. The cars are quite badly used and some have started to sink into the bog. Moss green and rust brown are the colors that apply to the cars, or the wrecks that remain. If you are going to visit the scrap yard, it can be good to wear waterproof shoes too often, it is quite swampy there.

Another car scrap that is well known is the brothers Ivansson's car scrap in BĂ„stnĂ€s. To get to the scrap yard, you have to drive about 20 km on a winding gravel road, but it's worth it. The car wreck is well attended and there were more people here than we thought. But there is a large area to move on and there are cars just everywhere. The cars here are in much better condition than Kyrkö Mosse. Here you can walk around for hours and find "new" cars among the trees. It is said that there are around a thousand cars here! For those who love to take pictures of old cars, this is heaven đŸ€—

Which lens I use depends on what I have with me and what I intend to take for a picture. There are usually four different lenses that I switch between; 14 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm and 105 mm. The stand almost always comes with it. When I take photos, I often vary the aperture, from the smallest up to aperture 10. In low light conditions, I often take HDR pictures. Sometimes I want to achieve an extremely shallow depth of field and then I use the Brenizer method. Then you combine several images, like a panorama, both in height and width.

But, as I said, forest wrecks are often found everywhere near old houses. When the car stopped working, it was simply placed behind the barn or right at the plot boundary. But sometimes they stand in the middle of the forest where there is no longer even a road. You are sometimes completely amazed at where to find them đŸ€” Some are so upgraded that you can barely see what brand it is while others look rudely good for their age despite a lack of care. It would have been fun to know the story behind them and why they have stood where they stand. Maybe the idea when you put it there was that you would fix it at some point in the future. Or was it simply too expensive to scrap them?

Then there are old scrap cars that stand more or less inside communities, They stand there like a monument to a bygone era. If you drive along old national roads, it is easiest to see them. But you have to be observant because they blend into the environment surprisingly well when grass and sly grow up over them. If you look in the "wrong" direction for a few seconds, you have missed them.

How then do you find these forgotten and hidden gems? Keep your eyes open when you move out in the woods and on the ground, they can stand where you least expect it. Look behind old buildings and along old roads. Study Google Maps and see what you can find. And sometimes you are lucky enough to get tips from someone like-minded who knows that just like them, you are just looking to take pictures.

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