It did not turn out as planned in 2020 and probably not in 2021. Restrictions here and there, the fear of getting sick, the fear of losing friends and relatives became a difficult balancing act in everyday life. At first, it could almost be experienced as a bit cozy when the whole family was home during cold times, but then time passes and it does not become as fun anymore. Workplaces are being closed down, schools are running distances, cultural events are being moved forward, not being able to meet friends and family that used to be more and more stressful. The possibilities for photography will be different. No concerts, no models, motivation drops ...

If there is one thing humans are pretty good at, it is adapting. Concerts and other events are run online, you can meet friends about one under slightly different circumstances and even if the pandemic continues, I still feel a small, but growing light in the dark. It's easy to just see the negative at first and almost get a little paralyzed because you are "tired of the situation", but then that paralysis of action turns into one more "No, now I'm so damn tired of this situation so now find we have reached ", at least for me.

I have a lot of photo ideas on the website that I really want to find people for. Sometimes you become insecure and wonder if you "dare" to implement certain, that they may appear in the wrong way, or that you should be misunderstood. But then I think that no, as long as I am confident in my purposes, why I do the sessions I do, I am comfortable in it. There will always be people with different opinions, maybe bad opinions, but you know. It is OK. It must stand for those people and that is their, probably prejudiced, opinion.

If you feel that you want to participate in one or more of my sessions, never hesitate to contact me. Maybe you have questions and concerns. What does he really mean? And no, you do not have to look a certain way, have experience, belong to a certain gender (depending on the session of course) or be a certain age. I want to work with you, just the way you are, that's the thing. As long as we have similar opinions and know why we take photos and where the pictures will end up. Keywords for me are just concepts like "body positivism", "equality", "dare", "curiosity", "be yourself", "bodies are art", "naturalness", "naked is not porn", "everyone is fine in its way"....


So finally I got to have my first studio shoot in over a year and it was so much fun and it turned out to be incredibly good pictures in my opinion. Maybe I was too positive and on during the shoot just because I was so happy that it finally happened, but it should be better than the opposite haha. Of course, it is possible to take photos in the studio even during a pandemic. Hand alcohol, distance and common sense are what matters. I had the great honor of photographing Sandra. A strong, determined woman who knows what she wants. She is a mother, actress, dancer and a fellow human being. Keep an eye on her because I am convinced that we will see more of Sandra in the future.

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