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I was so happy when Mattias contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a guest blogger here! I have long followed his work, and I really admire his playfulness and joy of discovery. His creativity and courage to go outside the so-called "box".

And this is where I would like to start this little writing adventure.

In free creation - freedom from the inner critic, from comparison and fear. And how incredibly difficult and impossible it can feel to get there. Hopefully I can offer a little inspiration and pepper to someone out there!

Before I dive into this, maybe a presentation is in order. I usually call myself an image creator, as I experience the world most strongly through the visual. It started with photography and I took my first creative photos as a 12-year-old with my red, compact, analog camera. I collected all my most precious and finest things, lined them up on the floor in my room and took photos. In my teens, I borrowed my dad's analog system camera and together we set up a darkroom at home in the closet.

There were black and white pictures of my friends adorned with flowers or other props. People and portraits have always given me the greatest joy in photography, in everyday situations or disturbed fantasy portraits. Many years later, I started at KSM (Culture, Society and Media Design) at Linköping University and that was where I fell in love with film as an expression. It has been my biggest focus in recent years, first documentaries and now I am facing a completely new role as a director when I wrote my first script for a short horror film. Somewhere in the middle of this I got so tired of working on the computer with everything, I longed to use my hands, to mess! I started painting, and now it's one of my absolute favorite pastimes.

Now back to the topic. Free creation. What is it, and why is it important? Well, because without it, I walk around in circles. I stagnate and stop growing as a person and as an artist. I stay in my little bubble where everything is safe and always 21 degrees hot and nothing sticks out and nothing feels. To that particular bubble, it can be so incredibly tempting to take flight, at the slightest resistance or discomfort. Because that's how we work, we humans. This is how we have survived through evolution, but it is also our curse that we constantly have to fight against.

This becomes so clear to me when it comes to creation - in whatever form it may be. It's like putting your heart out on a table and saying "look here!" You risk being judged, criticized, ridiculed. (Risks, of course. But how often does it really happen?)

I've fought the inner critic a lot, and I do not know if I will ever overcome it completely. But oh the feeling of letting go of all those fears, thoughts, and just CREATING FREE. The first obstacle can come before I even take a picture, put the brush against the canvas. Before I even tell anyone about an idea. "Alas, a thousand others have probably already done that, and also done better than I can." If I get so far that I still go ahead and finish something, then comes the next speed bump. To show it to someone. “What should people think about me? Who do I think I am? Others are so much better. ”

To get started without letting all thoughts stop me, my best tip is to just "hold your nose and jump in". To just do - not think. If that is not possible, I return to my belief that creation is our way of communicating with our innermost true SELF. And it can not go wrong. As simple as that. (But still so difficult!) It is more important that it will be SOMETHING than that it will be good.

In the next step, the fear of showing what I have done, it is again precisely that belief that gives me courage and strength. It is impossible to create something that everyone likes. But I'm sure there's always someone your art speaks to. You are unique, even if many before you had the same idea, no one will carry it out in your own way. With just your perspective, your gaze, your feeling. There are a million "rules" for how art should be, what is "nice" or "bad". There is nothing in our free creation that is more uninteresting than these rules. They are meant to be broken.

Our free creation is the most precious thing we have. That is what binds us together - with each other and with ourselves.

Contributes below with some analog and digital photos plus a couple of paintings.

Feel free to look in and say hello on Instagram @imagesofmarylu

Love & peace


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