A reminder.

Hey! Natalie here again for another guest post! :)

I think I will start with a repost from my instagram account: Natalie.Dahlberg:

"A little reminder now in this pandemic, when it is so clear that eating disorders and mental illness have increased even more. Isolation and exclusion are a fact and thoughts about food, weight and exercise are the only thoughts that thrive when one spends 24 hours around the clock with himself and his own mind.Scrolling on social media day in and day out where we are dazzled by retouched bodies, health advice we did not ask for and sponsored useless diet advertisements (disgusting weight watchers, away from my fucking flow !!)

Hets, hets, hets.

So I really just want to come in here and encourage you and motivate you, that no matter what you go through, whether the weight and the body has changed, no matter how much or how little you move, that the routines you had now are limited due to covid and I understand that it can feel really hard, but NO MATTER you deserve a full and happy body and have to eat darling. This pandemic is a fucking hell, but hold on and hold on. Do not punish your body. Take care of it. Take care. There is only one of you. And you are so damn important and worth feeling good about. You are soooo valuable❤️"

This is so, so, soooo important.

I suffered from eating disorders for 15 years and it is 15 years completely wasted of my life. 15 years with a quest for the perfect body and it just made me unhappy. 15 years that I will never get back. A malnourished body that lost both hair and nails. And it has never really scratched itself. My hair is not growing properly today and my nails are brittle. This is not to scare anyone, but a body without nutrition will eventually act outward and cause permanent damage.

Being slim and the eternal pursuit of weighing a certain weight, will never do you any good and will never make you happy. Even happiness does not sit in the body that carries you through life. One's happiness comes from within and to do things that one thinks are fun. To create wonderful memories and live life to the fullest.

You deserve to live, feel good, eat, enjoy. Take care of your body. Take care of yourself. Do not punish yourself for eating a meal that you consider to have been a great meal, or not exercising one day or if the clothes feel tighter today than yesterday. Life is so much more than calorie counting. You were not born to count calories and weigh yourself.

You were born to live.

So toss the scales, delete the calorie calculator apps, and start listening to your body instead.

It says more than you think. Eat when you are hungry, eat until you are full, eat what you are craving, exercise when you feel motivated and want to, sleep when you feel tired, report sick if you feel sick, rest when you feel tired, all this your body will tell you and it is the one you should listen to.

Take care of yourself now and take care of each other.


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