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About me

My name is Mattias Åström and photography is something that is in the family. My grandparents photographed and my grandmother worked as a retoucher in the good old days when an image was a picture and not a digital file. My dad photographed and developed in darkroom so isn't it so strange that I love photography?


I have no college education in photography but have read very many books on the subject and are self-taught. For almost seven years, I ran a must-photo as a company, but since March 2016 I have chosen to close down the company and NOT offer any photographic services for payment. The reason is simple. I would much rather photograph what I personally like and not what gives money.


Actually, I'm moving in 4 main areas. Animals and nature, people, nude photography and concert photography. For me, it is about capturing what I think is beautiful and important to document and communicate to the viewer. When it comes to the people I photograph, it is important for me that it is a person behind with thoughts and ideas and a personal story. So I am not interested in only highlighting "models".


Read my purposes to get a fairer picture of me or my photos!

Foto: Marcus Bergvall