I want to capture diversity, and promote the common man, that is really my main purpose. I like to see a more inexperienced model, which may differ from the amount of media image of beauty. Why limit yourself when you can photograph anyone who really wants and loves to stand in front of the camera regardless of gender, sexual orientation, appearance, cultural & social background. My purpose is to spread and share my photographic art.

In all of my future sessions, I am more interested in people who participate and their lives and experiences. Somehow I want it to be visible in the pictures in some way. It can be via environment, props or just an emotional impression. The more you are prepared to give of yourself the more interesting pictures. Think of a mixture of documentary photo and model photo, depending on idea. Together, we can change the world and the view of injustice, hatred and other things in society.


I am aware that some, images may be perceived "superficial" and perhaps typical of a so-called "superficial". girl photographer but then I ask you again to read about me, take into account the privacy of the people and think again. There is something more in the pictures than what you first see.

In connection with this, I can take the opportunity to mention my open mind and interest in nudity. I think that too many have a skewed, damning attitude to nudity, the most natural and common we all have. I see the human body's ALL forms as something beautiful and not at all just as sensual and erotic.